We offer several families of compact, highly precise and reliable recirculating chillers. The SC-W is portable and can be configured with numerous options, including PAO fluid, whisper-quiet and virtually vibration-free packages. For applications with very limited space constraints, the Oasis chiller is the smallest recirculating chiller available today. We have also designed custom chillers with cooling capacities up to 2000 Watts.

Heat Exchangers

We offer our liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers, and the all-PFA-wetted heat exchanger (for ultra-high purity or corrosive fluids) for cooling capacities up to any cooling capacity. These heat exchangers can also be customized to fit different space and performance specifications.

Cold area use chiller

We offer a line of high performance energy efficient chiller TX-KEC for cold area use. We also design and build chiller to meet unique customer specifications.

Some related applications of our current customers:

  • PAO temperature control
  • Inflight temperature control
  • At-sea analytical equipment
  • Drone laser temperature control
  • Customized chillers and temperature control systems
  • Guidance system temperature control
  • Electronics cooling
  • Compressed gas temperature control

Relevant products: