Study in China
Admission and Scholarship Process

Step 1.
Submit your letter of intent to WIDM ( at When you receive answer, you might be requested to submit your documents.

Step 2.
Submit your documents to WIDM. List of documents:
1. A copy of transcripts
2. A copy of passport
3. English language evidence proficiency (i.e. IELTS, TOEFL, ESL)
4. Evaluation process fees ($250, non refundable)
5. AGeoICT membership form (if applicable) with AGeoICT membership fees (if applicable)
7. A study plan
8. Two reference letters
9. A statement of financial support
For AGeoICT membership and type of membership visit
If the evaluation is not successful, we cannot continue the process.
If evaluation is successful:

Step 3.
WIDM will provide a detailed report of the evaluation result and consulting in choosing a program and subject. WIDM will provide a contract agreement to
applicant for signing by WIDM and applicant.
What should applicant do for contract agreement?
a) Read terms and conditions in the contract carefully, sign and return it to WIDM at
b) Deposit 50% of the education services and consulting fees ($1,750) to WIDM at the time of signing contract agreement. If admission and scholarship is
unsuccessful the full deposit will be reimbursed to applicant. If the applicant due to any reason cancel the contract during the process, the deposit cannot
be refunded. If the applicant delay in submitting online admission form and scholarship form to a targeted university, it can be postponed to the next
academic semester/year. However, the deposit cannot be reimbursed if delay caused by applicant.
c) After receiving admission offer letter and scholarship letter applicant must deposit the balance of the payment ($1,750) to WIDM.

Step 4.
WIDM will provide you the links for online applications (i.e. admission and scholarship) submission to the university. WIDM will assist the applicant
throughout online applications submission.

Step 5.
Submit both the applications (i.e. admission and scholarship) to university by applicant. The applicant is responsible to fill up all the necessaries forms for
admission online form, scholarship online form and also to deposit the application fees since it is online.
Application procedures
(1) Online application
(2) Submission of application documents

Application fee: RMB 400 (payable upon signing up online; non-refundable)
If both the applications are unsuccessful, then we cannot continue for further process and the deposit payment will be fully reimbursed.
If both applications are successful, then you will receive an admission offer letter and scholarship letter.

Step 6.
Apply for visa
Note: 1. Full scholarships cover tuition, accommodation, food, healthcare and insurance costs. Partial scholarships cover one or several items covered by
full scholarships.
Type of Scholarship
Chinese Govt Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, Fujian Provincial Govt. Scholarship, University Scholarship for International Students
(1) Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens, be in good health, and possess a valid passport.
(2) Applicants should hold a master degree for PhD program, Bachelor degree for Master program.

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